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BM 243 For Schizophrenia
AnacardiumD2+20C, AbsinthiumD2+20C, Can IndD3+30C, HyoscyamusD2+20C, OpiumD2+20C, StramoniumD2+20C

General Indication

Schizophrenia is thought to affect about 1% of the population world wide. The risk factors include a family history of schizophrenia. It appears to occur in equal rates in men and women but women have a later onset. Childhood-onset schizophrenia begins after 5 years of age and in most cases after relatively normal development. Childhood schizophrenia is rare and can be difficult to differentiate from other pervasive developmental disorders of childhood such as autism. People with schizophrenia can have a variety of symptoms. Usually the illness develops slowly in months or even in years. At first the symptoms may not be noticed. For example people may feel tense, may have trouble sleeping or have trouble concentrating, they become isolated and withdrawn, and they do not make or keep friends. As the illness progresses, following psychotic symptoms develop by false beliefs or thoughts with no basis in reality, hearing, seeing, or feeling things that are not there, thoughts "jump" between

Adult: 10-15 drops, children half of the same, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.
30ml drops standard quality packing
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  I was hit in the eye with a tennis ball at full force. I went to your office and was given a homeopathic remedy. I am a teenager and was horrified at the idea of going to school with a black eye. The next morning, I wake up, and my eye pefect. No swelling, no soreness. Nothing. Incredible results!  
Submitted: May 8th, 2009
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Corinne Z
Submitted: May 8th, 2009
  My last pregnancy I had a baby in transverse position in the 9th month. My nurse practitioner said if she didn't turn we had to do a C-section. I talked to my homeopath and he gave me a remedy. Over the weekend, the baby turned and I had a natural childbirth.   
Zihna Jones
Submitted: May 8th, 2009
  I would like to state that Populus Trem D3 has really helped my problem with my urine flow. I had been prescribed Flomax but didn't like the side effects and wanted to stop taking it. I needed a solution. This product has relieved the pressure and pain making me feel normal again. It is so simple to take and really works, thank you for all your help. I am very glad you have the know-how and took the time to find the right product for me. Thank you again, Peter A Forte  
Peter Forte
Submitted: Aug 24th, 2009
  I have had pets for 17 years. Anytime something out of the ordinary happens, like company, travel or vet visits, Rescue Remedy is always the best first choice for my dogs and cats. Even the angelfish in my husband's tank who turned blind and his senses declined let me hand feed him after a couple of drops into the tank so he did not starve to death.   
Submitted: May 8th, 2009