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BM 179
Acetylcholine ChlorideD30+30C, AdrenalinD100+100C, AconiteD100+100C, D.N.AD100+100C, Formic acidD100+100C, GlonoineD100+100C, HistaminumD100+100C, Mag PhosD100+100C

General Indication

Pain in the region of the heart and originating there. It might run into the arm or the shoulder, often on the left side. The pain generally comes on account of strain exercise or fatigue. The pain is constricting because there is a sudden shortage of blood supply to the heart muscle. An increase in the severity of the pain or an increase in the frequency of the pain should be a sign for immediate professional consultation and great care. A condition with symptoms that are very liable to be mistaken for angina pectoris is the cause of great mental anguish to many men, especially youngish men, who think they have got the true angina. There is pain in the region of the heart, palpitation and sometimes pain down the left arm. Emotions bring on the attacks in men and women. Paroxysmal pain, caused by effort and other stimuli, is the cardinal feature of angina pectoris. There is constancy in its pattern. It is more common on the left than the right side of the chest and tends to spread cent

Adult: 10-15 drops, children half of the same, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.
30ml drops standard quality packing
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  I've had UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) repeatedly for years. Same thing, go the doctor, do the test, get anti-biotics, and a few months later, it would happen again. Finally I tried a homeopathic remedy, and the pain stopped in just a few minutes. Later that day, the infection was gone and I have not had one since. That was over a year ago. I hated the antibiotics and this was much better. Wish I had found this years ago.  
Christina Davis
Submitted: May 8th, 2009
  I had a 12 year old boy with fever of 100.5 F. He had a red face with an aversion to water with a strawberry tongue. I gave him one dose of Belladonna 30CH every hour for three doses. The fever came down to 99.8 degrees. Shortly after, the temperature went up to 102.1 degrees. I again gave him Beladonna 200 Ch every hour for three doses. The child fell asleep, woke up the next morning tired and wet from perspiration. His temperature dropped to 99.0 degrees. With one dose of Belladonna 200 Ch, his temperature dropped to normal.  
John S
Submitted: May 8th, 2009
  I can attest that the Anxious Constitution Formula has worked for me. I worry about everything and nothing. This product has helped calm me. It has no side effects like most calming drugs do and you won't get addicted to it. I can also state that Arthribid has stopped my gout attacks. If you have ever had gout, you know how painful it is and you will do anythig to get rid of the pain. Here is a product that works with little effort and no worry of it interacting with your prescribed medications. Also most gout medications cause stomach problems, but with Arthribid no worry of that happening. I am very pleased you have the knowledge and thankful you helped me with these aliments. Thank you again, Mary Ann Forte  
Maryanne Forte
Submitted: Aug 24th, 2009
  My last pregnancy I had a baby in transverse position in the 9th month. My nurse practitioner said if she didn't turn we had to do a C-section. I talked to my homeopath and he gave me a remedy. Over the weekend, the baby turned and I had a natural childbirth.   
Zihna Jones
Submitted: May 8th, 2009
  The cream is already clearing up my exema and it's only been 24 hours!  
Submitted: Aug 11th, 2013