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BM 178 For Vaccination Side Effects
ThujaD4+40C, Calcarea Iod.D12+100C, VaccinumD100+100C, AnthracinumD100+100C, Fever Serum NosodeD100+100C

General Indication

This compositum is very useful for all kinds of aggravations caused by various types of vaccinations. Some people react violently to vaccination, others less. However this special BM compositum helps immediately in setting the symptoms. Head pain as if pierced by the nails, left-sided headache. Complete loss of appetite. Dislike for fresh foods. Limbs feel heavy, cracking in the joints. Light-headed feeling. Skin tends to be copper coloured. Hair falls out. Pain in the chest. Children subject to colds, and croup. Flatulence, distension with indigestion. Frontal headache. Skin hot and dry. Nervous depression. Irritability along with the symptoms of fear and fever.

Adult: 10-15 drops, children half of the same, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.
30ml drops standard quality packing
Price: $38.99
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  The cream is already clearing up my exema and it's only been 24 hours!  
Submitted: Aug 11th, 2013
  I was very hesitant to talk in public. I was nervous about it and I could not sleep well before any events just thinking about it. Since I started taking Flower Remedies, I feel more calm and I don't fret speaking in front of a crowd. Flower remedies have helped me to sleep better, to feel more sure of myself and to be more patient with those around me.  
Sylvia V. Doignon
Submitted: May 8th, 2009
  My favourite remedy is Rescue Remedy because it helps me immediately and calms me down.   
Amadeus (Age 7)
Submitted: May 8th, 2009
  I have reactions to many medications and was interested in hearing about the drops that helped relieve stress. I purchased Rescue Remedy and put a few drops into my drinking water. Within 15 minutes, I was feeling so much better. The tension I was feeling disappeared.   
Pam Richards
Submitted: May 8th, 2009
  I would like to praise the Calendula cream. It is the best healer of scars, cuts and bruises. I apply the cream in the AM and again in the PM. Within a day, whatever you are treating is gone. I had a scar on my leg for years that bothered me and once I used this marvelous product, it was gone. I could not believe my eyes! I highly recommend the Calendula cream for everyone. It is the best product I've come across in 60 years. Thank you so much for bringing this product to my attention, I am very grateful. Pete A. Forte  
Calendula Cream
Submitted: Aug 27th, 2009